Our services

Cronholm & Bergman has specialized in commercial brokerage of real-estate. We can assist you with real estate consultancy with regards to sales, acquisition and strategy. Our clients consist of private individuals as well as business, institutional players and other investors. We work fast and determined and are therefore always able to create the best possible business for our clients. We know that special transactions require special efforts and are not afraid that jobs will be too difficult for us to realize our clients’ ambitions.

Sales consulting: Do you own real-estate property and do you consider if you should sell? At Cronholm & Bergman you will find experienced consultants and project managers for all kinds of commercial real-estate transactions. We act as consultants and brokers with regards to sales of i.e. apartment buildings, office/industrial real-estate properties, development rights, split-off properties or large property portfolios in southern Sweden.

Acquisition consulting: We broker all kinds of commercial property acquisitions. By becoming one of our clients, you will be able to rely on support throughout the acquisition process – from the initial contact with the seller, through the negotiations and finally when completing the transaction. We are here to take care of our clients’ interests throughout the transaction.

Strategy consulting: Regardless of the status of the acquisition or selling process we would be more than happy to assist you with consulting on how you can optimize your real-estate transactions in the best possible way in each individual case. We have more than 90 years of experience and deep market insight and we know how to build a real-estate company that will be successful in the long run. Do not hesitate to call us for all kinds of inquiries about real-estate transactions.

For various reasons some clients will not publish their real-estate transactions on the public market. At Cronholm & Bergman, we fully understand this and therefore carry out the transaction with the utmost discretion according to the client’s wishes. We have a large and constantly updated network of real-estate owners and potential investors whom we contact in cases like this. The majority of our jobs is ”off market” and we are used to handling this type of transactions.