About us

Cronholm & Bergman offers qualified consulting and brokerage services within commercial real estate transactions for owners, investors and building contractors operating on the real-estate market in southern Sweden. With more than 90 years of experience and an unparalleled networking within the real-estate industry, combined with an innovative and aggressive approach, we ensure that real-estate transactions are created, carried out and completed for our clients. Our unique combination of know-how, seniority and curiosity makes it easy to do business with us.

We have a solid skill base from law firms and economics and finance. We work quickly and efficiently focusing on results knowing that a successful transaction will be based on a great knowledge of the market and good long-term relations with buyers and sellers.

We specialize in the real-estate market in southern Sweden, constantly looking for new interesting opportunities for our clients. We have an energetic and goal-oriented work approach to creating added value for sellers and buyers alike. This is what we call commitment and how we make a difference.

Welcome to Cronholm & Bergman!

Engagement, expertise, execution